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History of Ireland Jewelry

History of Ireland Jewelry

History of Ireland Jewellery

Our handcrafted History of Ireland jewellery collection is available in sterling silver and 14K gold. Each piece is engraved with 12 symbols that celebrate the most iconic eras in Irish History. Our History of Ireland jewellery collection is well distinguished by the sleek design and high-polished finish. 

Solvar History of Ireland rings are popular among all age groups and suit both men and women. Many of our stylish pendant necklaces have matching earrings and make an exceptional jewellery gift. We connect the past with the present with our History of Ireland crosses. Our design combines the traditional Celtic Cross engraved with 12 iconic History of Ireland symbols, with the contemporary style of Irish jewellery. Solvar History of Ireland bracelets come in various styles for comfortable wear and are a perfect way to commemorate milestones. 

Crafted in the finest quality, this Irish jewellery collection celebrates Irish History for everyone who loves our Emerald Isle.

About the collection

In 1970, Irish Silversmith Michael Hillard was inspired to design the original History of Ireland collection from the carvings found on Celtic high crosses throughout Ireland, dating back to the 5th century. Since then the designs have evolved, becoming more contemporary but the designer’s inspiration and message remain as a constant reminder of our history.

The collection is handcrafted in sterling silver and is Irish hallmarked by the assay office at Dublin Castle. 

Each piece in the History of Ireland collection is engraved with 12 symbols that represent some of the most historical eras in Irish history. It begins in the Neolithic age with the Celtic swirl, then to St. Patrick, the magnificent Round towers from 9th century Ireland, the Vikings, the Norman invasion, the Battle of the Boyne, United Irishmen, the Irish Flag, the Great Famine, Emigration, the GPO and ends with the Partition of Ireland.

History of Ireland Jewelry Symbols

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